Sixth Generation (Continued)

Family of Barbara Ann BEEMAN (1219) & Millard Fillmore BRADLEY

2820. Beatrice Barbara BRADLEY347,686. Born on 20 Nov 1919.347, Page 245,686 Beatrice Barbara died ? . Buried ? .

On 24 Aug 1935 when Beatrice Barbara was 15, she married Perry Wilson DAVIS686. Born on 6 Jun 1917.686 Perry Wilson died ? . Buried ? .

2821. Millard Fillmore BRADLEY Jr. (Private)347,686.

Millard Fillmore married Doris Isabelle HARSELL (Private)686.
They had the following children:
4397 i. Bruce Lee BRADLEY (Private)
4398 ii. Roger Lynn BRADLEY (Private)
4399 iii. Patricia Ann BRADLEY (Private)
4400 iv. Barbara Joyce BRADLEY (Private)
4401 v. Sharon Kay BRADLEY (Private)

2822. Jennie Mae BRADLEY (Private)347,686.

Jennie Mae married Robert DANALDSON (Private)686.
They had the following children:
4402 i. Barbara Ann DANALDSON (Private)
4403 ii. Sally Lynn DANALDSON (Private)

2823. Harvey Winford BRADLEY (Private)347,686.

Harvey Winford married Isabelle Virginia ROBINSON (Private)686.
They had the following children:
4404 i. Thersa Ruth BRADLEY (Private)
4405 ii. Kim Millard BRADLEY (Private)
4406 iii. Brain Paul BRADLEY (Private)

2824. Margaret Rella BRADLEY (Private)347,686.

Margaret Rella married Earl Smith STAFFORD (Private)686.
They had the following children:
4407 i. Jeanette Marie STAFFORD (Private)
4408 ii. Bradley Earl STAFFORD (Private)
4409 iii. Steven Randal STAFFORD (Private)

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