This web site is a window into the Loar Genealogy research that I have been working on for the past 28 years. I started on 1 Sep 1978 in Salt Lake City, Utah looking for a connection to one Benjamin B. Loar a Gun Smith. My father had purchased a percussion rifle which had a stamp on the top of the barrel that stated "B. B. Loar Granville, O". In less than a week of research in the LDS Library I was able to determine that Benjamin B. Loar was my father's great grandfather and my great great grandfather. At the same time I noticed that there were a small number of Loar's that I couldn't place. Not wanting to leave something I could use later I copied all the information on the Loar surname. This was the start of my quest to research the Loar surname and discover where and when the Loars settled in the United States.

Loar's Coat of Arms

The Loar Coat of Arms (COA) displayed above was prepared for my father Laurence Phalen Loar (1913 - 1986) of Columbus, Ohio. The original was researched and prepared by Dana Charlton of Columbus, Ohio. This version is a scanned copy of the one painted by my mother Mildred Herrmann Loar, an artist. She made a copy for each of her 8 children. I should also state that this is not the only COA that I have for the Loar family. Another Black and White COA is included in a book titled "The Amazing Story of the Loars in America" (1982) by Sharon Taylor. This COA is part of a book that is copyrighted and I haven't used it since I didn't want to get permission from the author.